Get strong, build confidence, improve your physical appearance and enhance your mental wellbeing with a 4-week fitness programme surrounded by other great women through the PRF Mobile App!

Be a great, STRONG woman!

Join your community, gain knowledge, build confidence, get stronger, and improve physical appearance and enhance your mental wellbeing all while being part of the strong squad. RISE to the occasion and live a better life today with the PRF App.

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The Strong Squad starts Monday 4th October for 4 weeks!

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What is The Strong Squad?

4-Week Fitness Programme
Access to the PRF App with workouts customised for you. Workouts are varied and updated weekly - specifically to help you drop a dress size.

Focus on Nutrition and Self-Improvement
Nutrition and lifestyle coaching to help you nourish your body and sharpen your mind.

Expert Mentorship
Group chat private messaging, Q&A sessions and weekly tasks and exercise  technique tutorials to help you progress. You will be added to a group within the PRF App. The group room displays completed and missed workouts by everyone  within the group allowing for extra motivation and accountability.

Here's What's Included (SPOILER ALERT: everything is!)

The Strong Squad Includes:

Four 25 minute workouts per week progressed weekly.

PRF App workouts include: 

  • Upper Focus
  • Lower Focus 
  • Abs Focus
  • HIIT
  • Cardio
  • Box
  • Stretch and Recovery 

PLUS, limited equipment is required. State on your consultation form if you do not have equipment Workouts can be adjusted to suit those with no equipment.

Workouts within the app include follow along (most popular) rep counting, or timer based. You select the workout you prefer

Your own personal coach so you are held accountable

Goal Specific Workouts within the app so you have a program to match your goal

Flexible Nutrition with suggested meals including serving sizes

Nutrition and lifestyle coaching giving you the stepping stones on how to adopt highly effective healthy eating and lifestyle habits that can lead to improved physical and cognitive health.

Programme Extras 

  • Progress tracking
  • Before and after picture
  • Meal tracking
  • Activity calendar for workouts and meals
  • Messaging

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Do I need to access gym equipment?

No, you don't need access to gym equipment. However, dumbbells are optional if you want to give yourself a challenge. If you don't have dumbbells, don't worry. There's plenty of household items you can use to improvise such as tins and milk cartons or you could purchase a set of PRF resistance bands

How does drop address size work and what’s included?

You will be sent an exercise questionnaire to help me get a better understanding of your current situation and your goals. The PRF App consists of customised workouts so in order for THE STRONG SQUAD to be fully tailored to your needs you must answer all the questions in the questionnaire with as much detail as you can and as candidly as possible. You will not be judged!

How often do my workouts change?

Your workouts will change weekly depending on your needs and your response to the programme. If you feel a particular workout is not fitting within your schedule, or is under or over-challenging, I will make changes, so it better meets your needs, fits your life and gets you results! Throughout your workout you will record times, weights and make side notes all in the app. (It is super-easy!) This information allows me to adapt and adjust your programme throughout your fitness journey, so you hit your goals.

Where do I get the app and how do I use it?

I send you the link to download the app software, which is very straightforward and easy to use. You get a short video tutorial on everything you need to know to use the app like recording your workouts, measurements, and messaging. Once downloaded you will find THE STRONG SQUAD programme ready for you within a few hours. Then we keep in touch via the messaging service in the app. 

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