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Meet Paul

I have been actively involved in the fitness industry for well over a decade. My coaching journey began with 1-1 personal training. However, as demand increased, I expanded my services to include a variety of in-person coaching programs. These programs have flourished, currently accommodating nearly 130 individuals each week at Queen's University Belfast. I have revitalised my online coaching program with meticulous attention to detail, placing a significant emphasis on nutrition, training, and mindset. My passion is working with people and helping them progress to be the best version of themselves. Many overlook the fact that lasting and impactful results require not only physical but also mental and emotional well-being.

My Mission to YOU

“My mission is to teach you everything you need to know about nutrition, training, and mindset to allow you to make smarter choice. Through dedicated guidance and support, I am committed to equipping you with the tools necessary for a sustainable journey towards enhanced well-being and lifelong fitness”.

Why does online coaching deliver the best results?

With my extensive experience both on the gym floor and online, I've honed my coaching skills. Opting for online coaching guarantees heightened results, thanks to the increased level of personalised contact you'll have with me. 

Accountability is a huge factor in every fitness journey. I will be with you 100% of the way instead of the 1 hr PT session. You’ll never get stuck, you’re only a message away from getting the help you need.

Whether you are looking to get lean, lose fat or add muscle, I will work with you to transform your body and mindset with a personalised fitness training and nutrition coaching tailored to your goals.

Who is online coaching suitable for?

How does online coaching work?

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Book an exploration call or fill in the application form, so I can understand your goals and see if we will be a right fit to work together.


Operation Roadmap

I will create your full plan and set realistic timeframes with everything you need to achieve your goals. 


Kick Off!

You will be ready to kickstart your journey with full accountability and support. After you’ve downloaded the PRF App, you will be given access to a private community full of likeminded individual who want to see you win and keep you motivated. 

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Online coaching delivers the best results and it's easy to get started. So what are you waiting for?

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