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Limitless focuses on stretching and mobility coaching and technique masterclasses to help improve your movements.  Limitless includes on-demand in-app workouts, follow along classes, and coaching tutorials on all thing's fitness as well as nutrition and of course expert training from Paul

• 4 Weeks ongoing program with continuous progression
• On-demand workouts including Dumbbell Shred, Box Fit, Lower Body Burn, HIIT, and Abs and Recovery.
• Built-in timer and rep counting workouts
• Can be used at home
• Nutrition coaching
• Aimed at beginners and intermediates



August - Starts 9th August
September - Starts 6th September
October - Starts 4th October



A Personal Trainer in your pocket with accountability, motivation, accessibility, and convenience all in one place and without the cost.  Online PT using the PRF App allowing for tailored programs specific to your goals and with 100s of different exercises available on the app, ensuring your program is bespoke to you. Paul will custom create your training based on your goals, equipment, available time, and ability.
Expert online coaching for your home and gym workouts, so you stay motivated, accountable and keep progressing.

• 4 weeks access to PRF APP
• Tailored gym program
• Nutrition coaching
• Instant access to your coach
• Weekly check-in
• Available to both beginners to athletes



PT + PRF App

Combine 1-to-1 PT with the PRF App for enhanced results.

When your PT session has finished, you won’t need to wait for the next week to know what to do. With the PRF App, Coach Paul will have your workouts ready with video demos and explanations from himself to ensure your techniques are correct. PRF App is where you’ll find all your stats including bodyweight and measurements along with the stats from each workout.

• 6 weeks of 1 to 1 PT
• 6 weeks access to PRF APP
• Personalised program
• Nutrition coaching
• Available to both beginners and athletes

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Undecided? Meet Rory

1) Why did you reach out to Paul and what made you stick with his PT?

I was looking to lose some weight as I was fairly obese, living a very sedentary lifestyle with very little exercise, and a terrible diet. I decided that I wanted to try and get fit and healthy, but I couldn’t do it on my own. I tried getting fit in the past and the last time I was in a gym for any length of time was in 2012, and I was only using the treadmill then – I really hadn’t a clue on how to use the other machines and the weights room was incredibly daunting. I looked up trainers in the QUB PEC and found Paul’s information online. I think the fact Paul’s training looked to be a great mix of cardio and weights really appealed to me, as it turned out both are needed to develop strength and stamina in order to lose weight.

2) Before PT did you have any interest in training?

I had very little interest in training before PT, but once I met Paul and we decided what we would aim for in terms of losing weight, developing fitness, and building strength, then things felt more achievable and vastly more interesting.

3) At what stage did you realise you wanted to focus on powerliftiing?

When I met Paul in January 2019, I had just turned 30 years old. I weighed somewhere in the region of 150 kg with over 45% body fat; if I didn’t work hard on diet and exercise then I was probably heading for an early grave! We started working on stretching, general fitness, building up small goals (For example, maintain a jog of 6mph for 1 minute, 5 sets of 5 reps of bench press at 40 kg, supersets of dumbbell press and dumbbell rows). What really worked in my favour was something Paul said to me at the start: I had a lot of weight, which means I need a lot of strength to move my own body -  it takes weight to move weight.  So once I started to see my weight as an advantage, it meant every tough rep, every exercise, every ache and pain, I was all the time losing weight and building my strength increased rapidly – my weaknesses became my biggest strengths quite literally. I went from 150kg to my lightest at 115kg in the space of six months, and my interest in powerlifting was starting to overtake other training as I was lifting three to four times a week, and then doing cardio on one or two of the other days, so I decided to focus entirely on powerlifting in order maximise recovery times.

4) How important was it was you to have the PRF App along with your 1 to 1 PT?

The PRF app is amazing, Paul guides you in all of the exercises with clear examples, instructions, and targeted programming. The PRF app allows you to hit your targeted muscle groups, which means you’re getting the best out of the training session. The PRF app allows Paul to keep an eye on your progress, which means if the plans have to change, then the app is flexible. Using the PRF App with 1 to 1 PT is invaluable. I work as a university lecturer, so learning by example are crucial to learning a new topic. The same maxim applies to the PRF App and 1 to 1 PT; they both compliment each other and help you build your knowledge and understanding of the training you are undertaking. Also, it’s kind of easy to lose sight of goals: "It’s too late to go to the gym", "I’m too tired"; it’s one thing trying to fool the app with excuses, but it’s another trying to fool a PT like Paul! The PRF App combined with a great PT like Paul does wonders for helping you drive your own training programme.

5) What was it that made the PRF App a success for you compared to other online training?

The PRF App has concrete programming at its core. Whether the goal is powerlifting, Olympic lifting, bodybuilding, cardio and cross-fit training; the PRF App allows you work out the best programme that suits your goals while keeping in contact with Paul. The PRF App is incredibly intuitive and easy to use, and the instructional videos are really great, as you’re not scouring the internet trying to find the exercise you’re meant to be doing! I’ve tried other apps but the PRF App by far pips them to the post as its just really easy to use and isn’t hard to work the programming you want. What worked wonders for me was 1 to 1 PT with Paul, and then seeing how he demonstrates the exercise in the instructional videos in the PRF App.  

6) What is your current goal and why will you be using the PRF App.

My current goal is to get back into some powerlifting following the last covid-19 lockdown. I’ve put on some weight, but unlike last time I’ve also got a ton of muscle to work with! The PRF App is great for working in some of the cardio routines I did with Paul when I first started training, and with enough training I am able move into the peaking programmes for powerlifting in no time. The PRF App is like working with Paul himself, but the app doesn’t have the same banter that Paul brings to the training session!!

Not sure what programme is for you? Why not try my most recommended programme!

1-to-1 with PRF App

Why combine the PRF Fitness app with your 1 to 1 coaching with Paul? Within the PRF App you will find:

• Access to your very own personalised program for you to use outside of your 1 to 1 PT sessions. Your personalised program is updated weekly - specifically to help you reach your goals and to continuously challenge you.
• Videos and demonstrations performed by Coach P to ensure you are using the right exercises and safe techniques.  
• All of your nutrition and lifestyle coaching to help you nourish your body and sharpen your mind.
• Bonus follow along class videos and bodyweight programs in case you do not fancy travelling to the gym.
• PRF Tutorials to help educate you, improve technique, posture, and become competent with your training.
• Total Flexibility - When you do not have a scheduled 1 to 1 with Paul you can suit your schedule and train using the PRF App when suits you.
• Communication and Confidentiality - Program too easy or difficult? You can message Coach P in total privacy and confidence at any time.
• Body stats and measurements, track your fitness journey.
• Record all your workouts stats and look back on previous weeks to see your progress.
• Extra Motivation and Accountability - Follow-ups from Paul to make sure you're completing your workouts. Finished or missed a workout? Paul is notified on all recent activities.
• Save Money - Get substantial savings with the PRF App when you combine it with 1 to 1 coaching 

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And also meet Gemma

1) Why did you sign up to Limitless (And continue to sign up)

After trying some of the online classes, and seeing how much of a great motivator Paul was, I decided to give the first 4 weeks of limitless a try. During this time, Paul was fantastic, listening and quickly responding to feedback to make sure that my workouts were well tailored, arranging 1-1 zoom calls to ensure a personalised service and making the workouts varied and achievable. Because of this, I began to really enjoy working out and so signed for another 4 weeks…and then another!! 

2) How did Limitless fit your busy schedule?

Because Paul loads your workouts onto the PRF app, you can do them whenever you like! I have a full time job and I am studying so I only have a small window of time in the mornings. Also, if you miss a workout, or need to change your workout schedule, Paul quickly responds to this and helps you change or amend the workouts to your needs. 

3) How did you find using the PRF App

The app is fantastic. This has been one of the biggest motivators for me. It has everything, step tracker, food tracker, workout schedule, weight tracker & a way to load your photos. It’s like your own personal little progress diary and I sometimes, when I’m having a bad day, just jump on & look back through my progress & it motivates me to stay on track! 

4) What would you say to anyone considering signing up to Limitless?

Do it!!! I have struggled for years with my weight & in particular, being active. But I honestly couldn't recommend this programme enough! I have made a huge change in my body and in my mind and it's all thanks to Paul and Limitless.