PRF Bespoke

Professional online exercise programs that increase results for people who already have access to gym equipment.

A PRF custom gym plan built completely around your goals and schedule.  

Start anywhere, anytime for ONLY £55

Now includes Paul's Good Food Unlocked Recipe Book

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So what is PRF Bespoke?

Simply open your app, complete your plan and track your performance.

Using the best online check-in and communication tools, Paul will empower you with the accountability and support you need to help you get in incredible shape, so you can gain more energy, more confidence and start getting the most out of your life.

The 3 main reasons people get frustrated and demotivated training without a coach;

  • They don’t have a meaningful training goal
  • They’re not seeing results
  • Their programs become repetitive and boring

What’s included with PRF Bespoke

  • Access to your very own personalised gym programme.  
  • Amended weekly - specifically to help you reach your goals and to continuously challenge you.
  • Videos and demonstrations performed by Paul to ensure you’re using the right exercises and safe techniques.  
  • Nutrition and lifestyle coaching to help you nourish your body and sharpen your mind.
  • Bonus follow along with class videos and bodyweight programs on the occasions you can’t make the gym
  • PRF Tutorials to help educate you, improve technique, posture, and become competent with your training.
  • Total Flexibility – You control your calendar and select what days suit you to train
  • Communication and Confidentiality - Program too easy or difficult? You can message Paul in total privacy and confidence at any time.
  • Body stats and measurements to track your workouts stats and look back on previous weeks to see your progress.

How PRF Bespoke works


Upon sign-up, you will receive a questionnaire to help me understand your goals, circumstances and preferences to ensure your plan is bespoke for you

Training Program

I will sit down with the information you’ve given me and create your tailored program, helping bring an end to any guesswork for you

iOS/Android App

You’ll be able to access your plan directly on your phone where you can upload pictures, measurements + sync with a wearable fitness device

Get Training

Your plan will appear on day 1 of the app with clear instructions for each training day including exercises, reps and sets

Every day I design training plans for people of all levels and abilities.

You can choose from 3 training categories.

Beginner basics:

A step by step guide to getting you started in the gym including simple exercises using machines, free weights and bodyweight exercises

Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Fitness:

Physique training and all-round health improvement

Healthy ageing:

Turn back the clock, feel your best and fight back against pain

No more guesswork about which exercises to do. Just stick to your plan and get results.

PRF Bespoke is ideal for you if...

You’re a beginner and new to a gym and don’t know what to do or where to start

You already have access to a gym but aren’t getting the results you want

You want a professional program to follow plus the reassurance of having your technique checked

You need a program specifically designed to achieve a particular fitness or performance goal

The PRF Gym in Action

Start anywhere, anytime with PRF Bespoke for ONLY £55

Or get in touch with Paul by clicking the button below

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