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What Is Eating To "80% Full"?

You probably know what "stuffed" feels like.

That's the post-Christmas meal feeling where you have to loosen your belt and breathe in little huffs after your fourth helping of dessert.

Let's call that 150% full — waaay beyond capacity.

You might know what "really hungry" feels like.

Let's call that 0% full.

Somewhere in between is 80% full.

80% full is when you're just satisfied

No longer hungry. (Or just a teeny tiny bit hungry, which passes after a few minutes.)

But not full. And definitely not stuffed.

You won't know what 80% full feels like to you try it out a few times.
That's OK.

This week if you struggle with over eating , all I'd like you to do is stop eating sooner than you normally would….Give it a try and let me know how you get on!

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