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The Truth About Your Discomfort Zone

The right kind of discomfort and stress, in the right amount, can help us. Consider this next time you're at the Lower Body Burn class and you want to stop in case your legs ache tomorrow or the next time it's Monday Upper Body Shred and you're aiming for 12 push ups and you want to stop after 5 because 12 is just too many.

1. Discomfort is negotiable.
What we feel will depend on our focus. How focused are you on getting stronger? Losing body fat or gaining muscle on your arms?

2. We can deal with discomfort.
If we act in the service of a bigger purpose, we can easily tolerate discomfort. What is the bigger purpose? Why does it really matter if you get those 2 extra push ups in?

3. Sometimes, we need to deal with discomfort.
It’s non-negotiable. So, we might as well get good at it now. You need to put muscle under stress to get leaner and stronger. Those last few reps make a difference.

4. Discomfort, in the right amount, makes us stronger.
Avoid over doing it. Push yourself but stop when technique is poor. Stop when you feel burnt out!

5. In order to change your experience of discomfort, find your bigger purpose and focus on it.
Why are you wanting stronger legs? OK, why are you really wanting stronger legs? Stay focused on that and I'll see you at the next class. Stick to it 💪🏻

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