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Running from the bear in 2021

Instead of "perfect, be "good  enough." 

Outdoor survival tip! 

If a bear is chasing you, you don't have to run the fastest

You just have to run a little bit faster than the slowest person. 

In other words, when you want to improve your habits and choices, you  never have to be 100% "perfect". 

All it takes is to be a little bit better, consistently. 

The 0% Game 

Try this game. 

Think of those parents who focus on how much less than 100% their children  got in an exam? 

In other words, "If you get 90% on your English test, what happened to the  other 10%?" 

They start from 100% (i.e., perfection) and work backwards. So, everything is  always less than 100% and therefore not good enough. 

Let's try an Opposite Day: 

1. Start from 0%. 2. Then add

Consider this. 

• What is 0% fitness? Well, maybe lying day in bed all day watching TV.

• What is 0% nutrition? Hmm. Maybe eating fast food morning, noon and  night. 

• What is 0% health? Dead. 

So how could you apply this to 2021?? 

• If 0% of fitness is watching TV all day... what's your current  fitness level? 

• If 0% of nutrition is eating fast food every  

night... how much better are your nutrition habits? 

• If 0% health is dead, then even if you've got raging stomach flu  today, you've got to be at least 50% healthy. 

See how much better 2021 is going to look when you start from the worst-case  scenario? Now keep playing the game. 

1. Start at 0%. 

2. See how much better than 0% you are right now. 

3. Think about what would make you just 1% better today. (Or  0.5%.) 

What would move you just a little bit forward on January 1st? What could  make you just a little bit better? 

Progress, not perfection 

Consider two options. 

Option 1: Making yourself crazy for the first week of January 2021, chasing a  "100%" performance, then burning out and giving up. 

Option 2: Trying to be 1% better every day, for 365 days of 2021. Let's do the  math. 

7 days x 100% effort + 365 days x 0% effort = no change, or backsliding. You  end up feeling like a failure. 

365 days x 1% better every day = significant transformation. You end up feeling  like a winner.

Focus on "making a little progress" each day rather than chasing  "perfection". 

Start from 0% and add. Notice your small accomplishments. Let yourself be "good enough for now". 

Start January 2021 

Don't wait for the "perfect" day, "perfect" body, or "perfect" schedule  full of free time to come. 

It never will. 

Do something NOW. 

Take the next 5 minutes to do whatever you can do, immediately, to stay on  track. Do that, and you're already 1% better. Congrats. 

What to do today 

Use the next 5 minutes to act on something. 

In terms of health, fitness, and nutrition, what's your 0%? 

If you had to put a number on it, how much better than 0% are your health, fitness, and  nutrition habits today? 

How are you 1% better now than when you started 2021

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